How Colonel Gaddafi’s death made headlines around the world

The death of Colonel Gaddafi sent shockwaves around the world, as one of the most monumental moments in history.

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Just hours after the dictator met his brutal end, news channels around the world were ablaze with reports surrounding his capture in Sirte and images of his dead body.

Footage also emerged soon after of Gaddafi, alive, being marched through the streets by militants calling for his execution.

Here’s how Colonel Gaddafi’s death made headlines in the UK and around the world…

Gaddafi Dead: Daily Mirror front page

Our own front page shows Gaddafi’s body laid out in a mosque in Misrata with the headline ‘Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!’ showing how the tyrant begged for his life.

Gaddafi Dead: Daily Mail front page

Under the same headline, the Daily Mail shows a battered and bloodied Gaddafi being marched through the streets of Sirte by militants.

Gaddafi Dead: Independent front page

The Independent front page shows footage of Gaddafi being attacked and thrown across a car bonnet.

Gaddafi Dead: The Times front page

The image of a disorientated and bloody Gaddafi features on the front page of The Times.

Gaddafi Dead: Metro front page

The Metro tells of how Gaddafi was reduced from a “mad dog” to a “cowering rat”.

Gaddafi Dead: Daily Express front page

The Daily Express shows Gaddafi in his military finery with the contrasting headline “Gunned down in a sewer” showing how the dictator was finally caught.

Gaddafi Dead: The Sun front page

The Sun highlights Gaddafi’s victims in the UK, referring to the Lockerbie bombing, IRA Semtex victims and the death of PC Yvonne Fletcher.

Gaddafi Dead: The Guardian front page

The Guardian shows the image of Gaddafi’s dead body which was first shown around the world to prove the dictator’s death.

Gaddafi Dead: The Telegraph front page

The Daily Telegraph shows how Gaddafi was shown “no mercy” as he begged for his life.

Gaddafi Dead: A Pakistani reads a local morning newspaper (Pic: Reuters)

A Pakistani newspaper tells readers “It’s over”.

Sri Lankan newspapers with the story of Gaddafi's death (Pic: AP)

Gaddafi’s death is reported in Sri Lanka

Gaddafi Dead: A Chinese man picks up a local newspaper featuring a photo of Gaddafi (Pic: AP)

A man picks up a copy of a newpaper in China to read about Gaddafi’s death.






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